A Plastic Surgeon Busts The Myths

By Ted Eisenberg & Joyce K. Eisenberg

Whether you want to augment them, lift them, reduce them, or embrace them just the way they are, you’ll get the inside scoop about breasts and cosmetic breast surgery in The Scoop on Breasts: A Plastic Surgeon Busts the Myths.

Dr. Ted Eisenberg, a plastic surgeon who holds the Guinness Record for most breast augmentations done in a lifetime, candidly answers hundreds of actual patient questions like: Am I too old for breast augmentation? Will my implants boil in a hot tub? Do I need to replace them every 10 years?

Joyce K. Eisenberg offers up titillating titbits and extra padding about breast goddesses, go-topless days, and Great Britain, whose women have the largest breasts in Europe. Filled with close to 200 photographs and illustrations, The Scoop on Breasts is an amusing and revealing read. By book’s end, you’ll consider the authors your BBFs: Bosom Buddies Forever.

“The Scoop On Breasts is the best breast book
to get your questions answered
about implants and augmentation.” – Jen. S.

Screen shot 2014-01-22 at 8.52.40 PMWill my implants help me float? Could I take them on a boat?
Could I bring them on a plane? What will happen in the rain?
If I squeeze them will they pop? Will I fit in my old top?
In the sauna will they boil? Are they filled with cooking oil?
Will they freeze up in the cold? Will they droop down when I’m old?
Can I get them if I’m high? What will happen when I die?

buythebookbarA portion of the proceeds of every book sale will be donated to the Linda Creed Breast Cancer Foundation.

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